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Elle Prilling Tourist, Estonia

The people here are really nice and helpful. I don’t regret coming here and I am really thankful because I can smile again.

Brandy Slusher Florida, USA

Professional, good communication, thorough, sanitary, and fast service. I only come to this orthodontist while visiting family in India. Very enjoyable visit with clean environment. The orthodontist communicates very well with what she recommends and makes sure to be very clear on understanding what her patients are looking to receive during their procedure/visit. Highly professional and would recommend to anyone happily.

Nilofer Nasr Expat Student, Iran

I am very happy with the Dr. Divyashree for her treatment. Very patient and kind.

Thank you.

Niket Desai USA

The staff is kind and attentive. The clinic is clean and comfortable.

Zaya Tangad Expat student, Mongolia

You are the best doctor in the world, thank you so much for the treatment.

Anuka Pandey Bangalore

My braces treatment (6months smiles) experience was awesome. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. DrDivyashree was very good. Will recommended other people also.

Saban Eltutan Expat, Turkey

I had needed orthodontic treatment since my childhood. Finally, I convinced myself to start this treatment and I had started to search details about my treatment when I was 24. Firstly I learnt most of things through internet, then I visited 5 or 6 clinics before starting the treatment. Then I compared consultations, prices, clinic cleanliness and locations. Some of doctors said that your teeth were too crowded, and we need to extract one tooth from each side and there is no other option. But I didn't want to lose my teeth so I went to other clinics. 2 of the doctors said no need to extract any teeth just slightly your teeth would come forward and no one could notice that. This was the option which I was looking for. Then I compared cleanliness and prices. Both of the clinics were clean and hygienic. But in one of the clinic, doctor told me only 2 types of the braces and prices were high. Finally I chose Dr Divyashree's clinic because of 1. Explanation and consultation of Dr. Divyashree 2.Offered me different types of braces 3. Price and 4. Cleanliness . The result of the treatment is very good. All my family and friends are suprised when they see my teeth. I suggested this clinic to all my friends. Most of my friends are happy to go there. If anyone is going to start orthodontic treatment, I suggest this clinic and Dr. Divyashree.

Deepesh Bangalore

Clear aligner treatment was very good, doctor had very good experience and atmosphere was also good and very much impressed with the way of handling the client.

Halil Ibrahim Zengin Expat, Turkey

I was having orthodontic treatment at this clinic. The doctor was good and patient as I had language problem and the clinic very hygienic, but I had to travel to Hyderabad. Dr Divyashree helped me to continue my treatment by referring to her doctor friend.

Christopher Papke Expat, USA

Very well done clinic. Patient friendly staff that provide good service.

Dr P.L.N Murthy ISRO Scientist, Varsha's Father

I was very impressed in the very first visit itself. Dr Divyashree whom I contacted for my daughter’s dental alignment, patiently & clearly explained the problem and the mode of treatment required to the best of my satisfaction.

Within 10 minutes of my interaction with the Dr., I had given nod for the treatment for my daughter. The clinic, infrastrcucture, everything is excellent. The treatment given to my daughter by Dr Divyashree was appreciated very much by my friend Dr Hyder Ali, one of the senior dentists in Bangalore. This makes me further happy that I opted for this Dr.

I wish the very best for this young doctor and pray for their success in their career so that they become the leading doctor in the dental field. With blessings.

Mustafa Yildirim Expat, Turkey

First of all I want to say thanks for your smiling face and to provide me good smile. I like the clinic and it’s atmosphere. After this time I want to continue to come here for treatment and maintenance. Thanks a lot!

Natesh Bhat Chaitra's father, Bangalore

The treatment was flawless! After being almost fed up of going to dentists and hearing different things I came across this clinic.  Dr Divyashree Rajendra was pretty much to the point and did what was needed.  With very high anxiety regarding dental treatments, but after we sat down in your dental clinic, we understood that my daughter was in good hands. Thanks to your dedicated treatment, your understanding and your soothing words. 

It is a privilege to know such a professional dentist like you, with such quality service and an excellent staff, which I have never seen anywhere else.  My daughter was extremely satisfied with the treatment. Value for money!"

I would like to thank the staff of the clinic for their warm attitude and their kindness, the staff of dentists who were always ready to help, and of course Dr. Divyashree Rajendra who enabled my daughter to smile widely thanks to her dedicated treatment.


Taha Chelik Expat, Turkey

Came here for braces. Treatment done nicely.

Prateesh Germany

I came here for orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. I am extremely happy about the treatment by Dr Divyashree and supporting staff. Very friendly and professional atmosphere and more over the doctor explains different options in detail. Also gives prompt replies for the queries over mail.

Fetullah Expat, Turkey

Good treatment, thanks!

Vidya Jagan Keshav's Mother, Bangalore

We came here for my sons orthodontic treatment and for a root canal for myself. Very happy with the service provided by the doctors here. I am paranoid about cleanliness and hygiene and my visits to this clinic have never made me worry on this score. Kudos to Dr Divyashree!

Harshita Nair Bangalore

A very nice, clean and homel clinic. Dr Divyashree is very accommodating and explains everything really well, leaving no room for doubt. Thanks Doc!

Deepika Patro Bangalore

The First time I called the Clinic, I was greeted with a cheerful voice. It gave me that final push to visit the Dental Clinic (Note, it was the first time ever) . The welcoming voice gave me the much needed assurance and I finally reached the clinic. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised to see a bright tastefully decorated office and the ever welcoming staff. Special mention to Dr Divyashree, she patiently listened to my long description of how my teeth were in all the wrong directions. She gave me all the possible suggestions considering I needed it all fixed in 4 months time. For every week since then till my wedding Dr Divyashree used to put in that extra effort to get my teeth in place as soon as possible. She used to adjust her schedule and work even after office hours so as to meet my extremely challenging deadline. I am sure not many doctors give that personal attention to any of there patients. People say getting braces is one of the most painful procedure, specially for an adult. But I must say they made it to so much easier for me.

Rashmi Boston, USA

I am a student and during my vacation at Bangalore, I came to Dr Divyashree for Orthodontic treatment. I am very happy I chose this clinic because the hygiene factor was very great, the services were modern unlike other dental clinics and they offer personalized attention. So I decided to go ahead with my Damon clear orthodontic treatment. I am a college student so I wanted something that was barely noticeable and also Damon clear is very popular in the States.

Bhargavi Australia

I got my teeth alignment before my wedding with Invisalign aligners. Very comfortable and hazzlefree. I could carry on with the treatment back in Australia, thanks to Dr Divyashree.

Mohammed Afsal Dubai

I came here to continue my Damon braces treatment started in Dubai. It was completed in time and properly.

Javier Medina Dubai

I am undergoing braces treatment. Since I travel a lot, I come to Dr Divyashree whenever I am in Bangalore for checkup and she accommodates me conveniently

Chandu Bangalore

It is a great experience. I have met the best doctor in Bangalore as I literally went to most of them. I am pretty much happy with the treatment

Usha DPS Teacher, Bangalore

Very well done, satisfied with the treatment. Appointment timings were always maintained. I am happy with that, doctor also is very friendly.

Sarath Katta Bangalore

Thankyou for all the treatment, very co-operative and friendly doctors, convenient timings, overall a 5 star rating to them.

Prakash Jadhav Anuli & Namrata's Father

Got braces treatment done for both my daughters here. Patient friendly atmosphere, good waiting room, comfortable, skilled doctors, feels like coming back again. Keep it up.

Priti Bangalore

I think doctor is sweet, caring and has lots of patience. I build my courage to visit doctors generally, but here I find it very friendly and homely. Thanks with Regards.

Pritviraj Dubai

I am a student from Dubai and Dr Divyashree did Damon braces treatment to correct my teeth alignment. I am happy about the treatment.

Stella Joseph Media Consultant, Bangalore

I had always had irregular teeth since childhood, but was okay with the appearance aspect of it. My busy schedule as a media consultant did not permit me enought time either to get my teeth corrected. However on one of my visits to get teeth cleaned my family dentist suggested that I should go for teeth alignment as I had an overbite problem which was damaging my gums and front teeth.This set me into action as my mother had lost her teeth at a young age and i didnot want that to happen to me. I checked for dentists specialising in this field.I read about Dr Divya,visited her and consulted her if it was okay to get braces at my age. After a couple of xrays she said that though my gums were weak, it was possible to move my teeth ,but slowly.I went ahead and got my bite corrected. It took almost a year and a half,but I am okay as the fear of losing my teeth is gone now from my head.Dr Divya did a wonderful job.I wholeheartedly thank her and her staff.

Avinash.G.A Bangalore

Highly qualified doctors and personal attention