Invisible Braces

Before and After| Invisalign| Open Bite & Protruded teeth

bangalore-invisalign-openbite case

Before and After| Clear aligners| Midline Diastema


Before and After| Clear aligners| Gaps


Before and After| Clear aligners| Misaligned Teeth


Before and After| Clear aligners| Crowding and Openbite


Before and After| Clear aligners| Midline Diastema

bangaloreorthodontics-invisiblealigners-teeth gaps

Before and After| Clear aligners| Protruded teeth with spacing


Before and After| Clear Aligners|Crowding correction


Before & After Invisalign Treatment|Gaps

The patient had gaps between upper and lower front teeth that were closed in 3.5 months using Invisalign clear aligners. Seen below is the digital simulation of the treatment results done before starting treatment and the actual patient photos before & after treatment with Invisalign at Bangalore Invisalign Centre.




Teeth gaps correction with clear ceramic braces

The patient had multiple gaps between his front teeth that were also protruded due to tongue thrust. Veneers were not a good option as the spacing was too much. Gaps were closed with clear/ceramic braces. This was followed by fixed lingual wire retainers.

Teeth gaps closed with clear ceramic braces